Wiltshire / Gloucestershire

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Wiltshire / Gloucestershire

Postby zzrpilot » Tue May 17, 2011 9:00 am

Experienced shooter based in Swindon started shooting in 1978 now teaching my 18 year old daughter to shoot and need land to shoot on.

Name – Colin & Katie
Location – Swindon
Shooting coverage – Wiltshire and gloucetershire for Deer within 60 minutes travel for Rabbit / Fox / Pigeon
Availability – evenings, early mornings and some weekends
Insurance – BASC
Guns used – .22 WMR rifle moderated, .22 WMR rifle unmoderated, .357 rifle (Fox upto 80m), .308 Moderated, 12Ga
Pests controlled (in order of preference) – Deer (DSC1 certificate), Rabbit, Pigeon, Fox, Squirrel, Crow, Rook,
References available – no. Took a break from shooting to raise my two daughters and moved away from my home county of Devon.
Contact details – zzrpilot@shootforum.com.
Tika T3 Super Varmit .308
Winchester 94AE .357
Savage 93R BTV .22 WMR
Armi Sharps .54
2 x 1858 remmington .44
2 x Dragoon pistol .62
Blunderbuss 12ga(ish)
Brown bess
2 x Arquebus 20ga
Pole gun
Armstrong 12Ga S/S
Hatsan MPA 12Ga semi
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