East Midlands, sporting lease wanted

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East Midlands, sporting lease wanted

Postby 9mm » Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:10 pm

I have read and agree to the rules, which hopefully means I am doing this right :!:

Geographical location is not very important, but I am looking to lease the sporting rights to a woodland (>30 acres). Ideal location would be the East Mids, but really travel is genuinely not a problem. Other than East Mids, the middle of the South Coast would also be really great.

Name – Martyn
Location – Offshore but homes in Nottm and Southampton
Shooting coverage – Looking for one woodland location to lease the shooting to, will travel to any part of England
Availability – 24/7
Insurance – BASC member
Guns used – Air gun, rifle & shotgun 12g + .410
Pests controlled – Rabbit, deer, squirrel, crow, rook, pigeon, etc
References available – yes
Contact details – 9mm@shootforum.com or PM for more contact details
Browning Silver semi-auto 12g, Side-by-side .410, Brno semi-auto .22lr, Smith Wesson 559 semi-auto 9mm, Walther PPK .22lr. NRA RCO & FAW Instructor
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