Sales rules and advice

Any powder burning sales including black powder etc
Forum rules
Trade with care!
Here are the rules for posting and trading in the sales and wanted sections – click me
Posting in the sales section is a confirmation that you have read and accepted the rules.

Sales rules and advice

Postby Beer Hunter » Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:17 pm

The following rules are intended to keep us all safe when trading. Please take 2 minutes to read them.
Posting in the sales section is a confirmation that you have read and accepted the rules.

ShootForum accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any deals done on this Forum. All transactions are private between the buyer and seller.

Sales / Wanted rules
1. General
  1. The for sales and wanted forums are for the use of all regularly contributing members to enable them to buy and sell their own, personal items. Registered traders are also welcome to post adverts – traders are marked with the words “Trade member” beside their avatar.
  2. There is a minimum post count of 5 required before members are able to post in the sales section, and posts are likely to be removed by the moderation team without notice if members are not also contributing to other areas of the forum.
  3. No illegal items may be offered for sale.
  4. It is the buyers and sellers responsibility to ensure they comply with all relevant laws when conducting personal transactions.
  5. All sales posts are non-editable once posted. This is so that each sales thread has a clear record of what has been said. If you make a mistake in your post, please contact a moderator to have it corrected.
  6. Any thread may be locked or deleted by the moderation team without notice. The moderation team’s decision is final.
  7. Caveat Emptor applies to items advertised on the forum. If you have a problem with a transaction then it is your responsibility to resolve it with the other party. Please do not expect the forum management to resolve a dispute for you. ShootForum, it's owners and moderators are not responsible for the suitability of purpose, accuracy, legality or in any other way for items advertised on the forum. We will not be held liable in any way for items bought and sold via the forum. It is the buyers responsibility take such measures as they deem appropriate to satisfy themselves as to the condition and suitability of the goods on offer before completing the purchase.
2. Mandatory rules
  1. All item descriptions must be accurate.
  2. All pictures of the item must be of the actual item being sold - no "stock" photos lifted from other sources.
  3. Do not post for sale threads unless you are able to immediately dispatch the goods.
  4. "Gauging interest” or "how much can I get for a ..." threads are not permitted - you're either selling something or you aren't. Ask for prices in other areas of the forum.
  5. You are expected to contribute to the forum community if you use the sales forums. This does not mean financially (although it's appreciated if you do make a donation) but it means that we expect members to also be involved in the wider forum. We are not a free eBay and if you don’t want to be part of our community, then we don’t want your adverts.
  6. Auctions are not permitted here without the express permission of the forum owners – these will only be allowed in extraordinary circumstances.
  7. “Chatter” on for sale threads is not permitted. Replies must be genuine enquiries about the item for sale, or offers to buy it. Commenting on prices, regular “bumps”, 'Nice rifle' etc are not permitted.
3. Advisory
  1. We strongly recommend that you state a price for the item. Asking for an offer or stating a price with “ONO” is discouraged as it tends to take longer to sell an item this way.
  2. It is considered good etiquette to sell to the first person who says "I'll have it" or similar, in the thread rather than by PM or other means.
  3. Once a deal has been concluded, please update the thread with a post to say so.
  4. It is helpful to all forum users if both the buyer and seller can comment in the thread on their satisfaction with the deal.
  5. If the item you are buying or selling is of a high value and you don't know the person you are dealing with, we encourage you to meet face-to-face to conclude the deal.
4. Helpful Guidelines
    As soon as you and another party strike a deal then we recommend that you immediately exchange emails (or PM's) providing both parties with the following information:
    1. Full Name
    2. Full Address and Postcode
    3. Telephone Number (home and mobile if possible)
    4. e-mail address
    5. Confirmation of details of the trade
    6. Payment Method
    7. Clearly state your understanding of when you expect the money or goods to be sent
    Print out or otherwise take a copy of the above details. It is not unheard of for people to lose such information stored on a PC due to a virus or hard drive failure.
    Should there be any delay in completion then both partys will have full contact details to hand.
5. Problem Deals
    If you are having problems concerning a trade, such as not receiving goods or money, then consider the situation very carefully before taking your next action.
    • Do not post on the forum with a complaint or a whinge. Such posts will be removed without explanation.
    • Have you allowed sufficient time? Many have been embarrassed due to complaints or comments made only to later find that the sender has been in hospital or otherwise genuinely removed from web access. It happens.
    • If you have followed the "Helpful Guidelines" then you will have the other party full name, address, e-mail and telephone number. Attempt contact by these means first. If necessary, write to the other party by recorded delivery.
    • If you continue to have genuine and continuing problems with a transaction then inform one of the moderators by PM and provide full information concerning the trade, the other party, what was agreed and any contact from the other party. We may be able to help but nothing is promised. It is most important that you advise us of problems. You may not be the only person experiencing such problems involving the other party.
    • If the matter cannot be quickly resolved following notification to the moderating team (or we have already learned of problems concerning this individual) then we will consider suspending the account of the other party until such time that all outstanding trades have been satisfactorily completed. The decision to impose or lift any account suspension will be taken solely by the moderator team.
    • If all else fails, you can take legal action against the buyer or seller through the usual channels. After all, you have all their contact details which you checked - didn't you.
If you are unsure about anything then please ask one of the moderation team beforehand. These rules and suggestions are to be read in conjunction with the main forum rules and may be added to or amended at any time.
Beer Hunter

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