Standard template that must be used

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In order to ease the moderation of this "services offered" section and make it look a little more professional, there is a standard template for which all posts must comply. If you do not use this template, your post will not be approved. Please read the post HERE

Standard template that must be used

Postby Beer Hunter » Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:19 am


We insist that you use the following template for posting in the "Shooting services offered" section:
Subject line - your approximate location.

    Name – {your name}
    Location – {your town or location}
    Shooting coverage – {how far you are willing to travel. Be genuine, will you really travel 200 miles to shoot rats? ;)}
    Availability – {evenings and weekends / 24/7 / other}
    Insurance – {do you have BASC membership or similar}
    Guns used – {airgun / rifle / shotgun}
    Pests controlled – {rat, rabbit, fox, deer, squirrel, crow, rook, pigeon, other}
    References available – {yes or no}
    Contact details – {either your e-mail or your username@shootforum.com. Think twice before using your real e-mail or phone number on a forum}
Just copy the bit above and add your details.

In addition to the MANDATORY template the following rules apply

(1) You MUST have a minimum of 5 posts, in any part of the Forum before your Shooting Services Offered ad will be considered. Moderators can tell how many posts, when they were posted, where they were posted and your last visit to the Forum.
(2) The Forum Owners have set a 'cut off' time for those who have contributed but have not returned for a set number of weeks where the ad will be deleted with no prior warning.
(3) After having read the rules the words ' I have read the rules' will be the first words in the main body of the post. Posts which do not contain these words show that the rules have not been read and the ad will not be approved. Once the moderation team verify that 5 posts (or more) have been attained they will remove the words 'I have read the rules' and approve the post.


1. ONLY list quarry that you are legally permitted to shoot by virtue of your Firearms/Shotgun Certificate(s) and other relevant legislation.
2. Please be realistic when listing quarry. It is strongly recommended that fox is not included in quarry species if you only possess a shotgun. One cannot assure an efficient, safe, humane and legal despatch of a fox to a landowner with a shotgun.
3. Ensure that conditioning on an FAC is understood FULLY; some licensing authorities do not recognise fox as vermin, others do. It is your responsibility check.
4. This service is only for non-commercial shooters to get in touch with landowners. Those wishing to charge for their services may not advertise there.
5. Failing to ensure the above will result in the post not being approved or subjected to editing by the owners/moderation team without prior notice.

In addition to the above Important Notes

It has become apparent to the Owners and the moderation team that individuals are joining the forum, listing their details in this section and then not returning to contribute to the forum. As a word of warning, members who do not contribute and/or visit ShootForum regularly, at least once a month, will have their details removed from this section with no prior notice.
It should also be noted that the moderation team need to approve posts in this section before they can become visible on open forum.
It would help greatly and avoid your offer of service(s) being removed if you could let one of the moderation team know if you are to be unavailable for an extended period. I.E. Serving H.M. Forces personnel who have an operational commitment.

Beer Hunter

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