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Border Gunrooms

Postby crazyfrog » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:43 am

I recently bought another shotgun, it is a Mossberg Hushpower 500 moderated, I ordered it from Border Gunrooms in Melrose, I ordered it on the tuesday and I had a call on the wednesday at 1148am to say it had arrived. VERY QUICK SERVICE in my opinion anyway.

I went down and collected the shotgun, OK it cost me a couple of hours and about £20 in fuel, but our local RFD's, well one in particular takes weeks just to send copies of his RFD away when you are trying to get something in, anyway, back to Borders Gunroom.

Once there I had a good chat with the Gunsmith who was a very pleasant and easy going young man. I bought some other bits and pieces while I was there and was given a good price on all I purchased.

Also they do repairs while you wait, they can even screw cut barrels etc etc while you wait. They have a very well laid out shop with rows and rows of new and used rifles, shotguns etc etc. They have a very extensive range of fishing equiptment as well. The shop is a decent size, it is well laid out, airy and clean.

This place is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the dank and dusty shops in our area, I just wish it was 60 miles closer to me, but what is 60 miles to travel to such a great shop.....

I will be paying them a visit shortly when I order up my next rifle, it is going to be a CZ455 Stainless, Varmint, T/H, Screwcut, I will need a few bits for the Remington 700 SPS I have just bought so I will order through them as well while I am at it.

Well done in what I rate as a very good RFD......
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