Sporting Supplies in Bloxwich.

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Sporting Supplies in Bloxwich.

Postby firepower » Tue Nov 01, 2011 3:08 am

They have a decent range of gear both in reloading and general shooting gear, clothing etcetera. The one real problem, as someone who reloads is the lack of consistent stock. You spend half a bloody lifetime developing a specific load for a round and the next time they don't have the same primers or brass. There is always an alternative to what you want but as anyone who spends time trimming specific brass to a particular length will know the variables are mind bending. That said the guys are friendly and will offer advice where needed without the pressure to spend over your budget.

Should you need to order a specific item then you would be better off putting your index fingers on your temples and wishing for it. The excuses for non arrival are comical, remember the ones you gave for not handing in your homework at school ? There you go.
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