Reloading Solutions, Kidlington, Oxford

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Reloading Solutions, Kidlington, Oxford

Postby Triffid » Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:19 am

I've been to Reloading Solutions a few times . . . Like the title says, they specialise in reloading components & equipment, so no guns. A decent size shop on an industrial estate, with the owner, Aftab Hamid apparently a font-of-all-knowledge reloading wise. I've never met him however - as I've always visited mid-week I've been served by his staff/family, who whilst very pleasant, don't give advice and aren't very chatty.

The best bit of the shop is the huge range of bullets they stock . . . you can see in the website photos that one whole wall of the shop is a display cabinet with bullets from just about every manufacturer. Particularly Sierra, Berger, Hornady, Nosler & Speer and they must stock the entire range of these! Also powder by Hodgden, Vit, IMR and Alliant and cases, primers etc. Prices are OK.

Surprisingly there's no display of reloading equipment - I'd really like to see several presses from the major manufacturers set up on a bench so you can compare them, but the only places I've seen anything approaching that is at Allwoods (all Lee) and a couple of presses set up at Shooting Supplies, Bromsgrove. The focus in the shop is on the higher-quality end of the market.

I'd recommend Reloading Solutions if you know pretty much what you want (and certainly for bullets), but don't necessarily expect to get advice/banter/chat. Unless of course the owner is there, but I can't comment on that!


Reloading Solutions Limited, 6, Cherwell Business Centre, Rowles Way, Kidlington. OX5 1LA.
Telephone: +44-(0)1865 378200
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