Sportsmanguncentre - Newport Branch

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Sportsmanguncentre - Newport Branch

Postby Northernbloke » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:55 pm

I made a long trip to this shop on Sat 27th August (tied in with a visit to the in-laws) as I was very interested in a new .243 rifle and a few extras like scope/moderator/reloading bits n bobs and new ear defenders - I had already mentioned the deal in a thread I asking for advice on a new gun - http://www.shootforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=18353

I found the place easily enough, it's not exactly where Google maps initially shows it from the link on the website, but close enough to find without having to stop and ask anyone for directions.

After we were let into the shop (press a doorbell and wait for someone to release the electronic lock to let you in) I had a look round - it looked pretty much as described on the website. No-one acknowledged us at all when we entered and I began browsing for the bits I wanted, there were a decent range of rifles on display, as well as a section full of shotgun and related stuff and a back room that had an open door marked staff only. I didn't spend much time in the shotgun section as everything I wanted to see was in the main shop. There was at least 1 staff member in the shotgun section and 2 in the main shop, one of the guys in the main shop was chatting to 2 men who appeared to be more friends than customers from the snippets of conversation I overheard (although they were probably both). The second staff member in the shop was flicking through a magazine on the table/desk towards the rear and right of the room, my father in law tried to talk to him and was ignored and they both just gave the same impression that they were doing their own thing and weren't interested in the customers or selling at all.

The first thing I noticed was that the ear defenders I wanted (Peltor Tactical 6S) that were advertised on the website at £58.00 were actually priced at £71.99 in the shop. After looking around and being totally ignored for around 15-20 minutes I gave up, collected a new primer pocket cleaning brush that I really needed and then waited for several more minutes at the till before the guy reading the magazine realised I was waiting to pay and came over to take my money. As I was paying my wife said she thought I was going to buy a new gun, I replied that as they weren't interested in selling anything I would have to look elsewhere - the guy taking the money just looked blankly at me like he couldn't care less.

There were a few other people who were either in the shop when we got there or came in after us and left before us - all of them appeared to be ignored and a guy who left with us was getting pretty miffed that they wouldn't even open the door for us to get out - the guy who had served me had dashed straight back to his magazine reading and was again ignoring everyone else - The other customer said something loudly along the line of if someone didn't let him out quickly he'd go behind the counter and press the button himself - cue for the guy reading the magazine to saunter slowly over and let us all out.

Overall a very disappointing experience and I certainly wouldn't recommend them to anyone based on my own personal experience.

Perhaps I could have made more of an effort to disturb the staff and get them to deal with me - but I really felt like I would be doing just that and interrupting them - certainly not the way I want to feel as a customer though - I don't want staff falling over themselves and shadowing me round the shop but nor do I want to be completely ignored. A simple acknowledgement when I go in, asking if there's anything I need help with etc.. and letting me know that if I need assistance just to ask them for it would be fine with me.
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Re: Sportsmanguncentre - Newport Branch

Postby shotgun sam » Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:20 am

I have tried 3 times to contact the company about defective ear defenders not one reply needless to say the guarantee is now just past by a few days they are happy to take your money but after sales forget it.
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Re: Sportsmanguncentre - Newport Branch

Postby HDAV » Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:27 pm

I must say theview above is common but not at all my experience (I might be overly laid back) anyway yes shop is large, has huge amount of stock, staff always speak to me answer any questions i have, I have bought bits and bobs carts etc and if there is something that is cheaper on the website tell them and they will in my experience match it (website is run from exeter branch) I bought my Cabient from there and they ordered in from bratton sound no extra charge so i could copllect it and saved me £20 shipping. Some staff have left but the guys who are normally there ar epretty good I dont know there names but there is short one (Friendly) older one (senior/manager) and the tattoed one (with a tick) all are pretty well versed on the stock and whats what.

COmpared to other stores I rate the service as good/reasonable, prices as very good, back up I havent had to use.
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