First class customer service, Ucaller Xtreme.

First class customer service, Ucaller Xtreme.

Postby mathspete » Sat Aug 08, 2015 4:24 pm

I recently contacted Wildhunter about my Ucaller Xtreme, the caller unit was working fine although a little quiet on its own it was still doing the job. The amplified speaker was working also when attached to a computer etc, but when plugged into the caller everything went silent. it was well over a year old and out of warranty and guarantee and I was hoping for some directions as to how it might be fixed with a bit of judicious soldering, welding or hitting with a blunt heavy instrument (hammer)as is my usual repair technique. "Send it to us straight away and we'll get the lab boys onto it" was their answer, this I did before I went away on holiday, so it was a pleasant surprise to return from Arran to find a parcel containing a brand new caller unit and a brand new speaker :grin: :thup: . That in my opinion is customer service of the first order and I cannot thank WILDHunter the makers of the UCaller. Xtreme enough :thup: anyone thinking of buying this unit or the remote one, I would heartily recommend them both, Shooster has the upmarket remote unit and between the two they have called in many foxes for us :grin: ;) :thup: .
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