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Webley Vulcan

Postby bilbo » Fri May 21, 2021 5:09 pm

I have had a .177 Vulcan MK2 for many years now and it is getting a bit tired So, I decided a new spring and piston seal were in order.
When I checked it before strip down it was pushing out 9.87FT/LBS. Very tired indeed.
Because I value this gun highly, for its accuracy and crisp trigger pull, I acquired a roughish .22 MK2 to practice disassembly and reassembly, as I have never been in the guts of a Vulcan before.
Every thing went well until it came to extracting the piston. I could not remove it from the cylinder and could not see what was causing it to jam up.
I had removed the trigger mechanism in order to give it clear passage.
I suspect that when the makers welded the trigger mech. housing to the cylinder, it caused distortion in the cylinder.
Has any one else got any experience with the Vulcan?

EDIT: finally got the piston out and removed the supposedly defective PTFE seal. Replaced it with a seal from Chambers, then rebuilt the gun with the new spring.
Lubed and worked the action a few dozen times and then chronographed it.
Result: 9FT/LBS max.
That is slower than before rebuild!
I am beginning to have doubts about the claims for the Vulcan's performance.
Tell me I'm wrong.
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