megaorei 3 night vision

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megaorei 3 night vision

Postby Deallad » Tue Dec 15, 2020 2:51 pm

The full review.

I purchased the unit direct from the manufacturer and it arrived in good time.

You need to make sure you order the correct unit, one is for short sighted people with no corrective lens and the long sited unit has the corrective lens.

I attached the unit to my 22WMR rifle which is fitted with a Zeiss 2-7 x 32 power scope.
first thing I noticed is you need to be deformed to get your head back far enough to be comfortable using the unit or you need to mount the scope on an extended rail, in doing so this would void the unit as an add on to a day scope.
Attempting to use this unit caused pain in the neck
the screen is way too bright even on the lowest setting
I was unable to focus the reticule to a point where it could be used.
Image quality is not great and I could not shoot anything living with this unit and ensure a humane kill.

I set it up on other rifles to see if it was any better and it was not. (tried on S&B pm2, Zeiss 2-7x32, Leupold )


Crap, as a rifle scope but ok'ish as a spotter don't waste your money

All my rifles are fitted with high end optics, Zeiss, S&B and Leupold and I shall continue to use glass 24 hours a day

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Re: megaorei 3 night vision

Postby leadpig » Tue Dec 15, 2020 4:48 pm

not good :bh: , cheers for the heads up though :niceone:
Sidebyside wrote:Leadpig is probably right,( though I hate to admit that :mad: ;) ) .

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